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Benefits of Standardizing on Rugged Tablet PCs

“This white paper focuses on what mobile enterprises need to know about today’s mobile computing technologies, and what a best-informed buying decision requires. Ultimately, enterprise mobile technologies must advance the company, its people and its customers. The computers themselves must be reliable, rugged and specifically relevant to daily personnel functions. They must be tough, true to form and function, easily integrated and managed across the mobile enterprise and always—always—customer-engineered.

Mobile Computing for Today’s Enterprise

Mobile computing continues to gain momentum as mobile Web, connectivity and technology advance, mature and decrease in cost. Mobility has never been more available, more ubiquitous or more powerful for consumers and companies.

Begin with an evaluation of your specific needs, operationally, financially and functionally—followed by a market search for Tablet PC providers that match your specifications. You will quickly find that there are a lot of providers to choose from, and that seeking qualified, quantitative information is time consuming.

Police department using MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PCThe reality is that rugged computers aren’t new. In fact, even the rugged Tablet PC isn’t all that new. Companies, government agencies and the United States military have used these computers for decades. What are new, however, are tablet PCs with extraordinary power and performance, which are built to be smaller, stronger and more capable than ever. Today’s rugged tablet PCs are ultra-mobile, tough, customer-engineered computers designed for use in mission-critical applications.”

To continue reading, follow this link to the PDF white paper.

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