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Computing Customer Satisfaction in Retail Supply Chain with Tablet PC

In retail, it’s all about giving the customers what they want when they want it.

Keeping the right products flowing from the manufacturer to the distributor to the stock room and finally to the consumer is critical to customer satisfaction. Tracking that journey is equally important.

MobileDemand’s xTablet is a rugged computer system that can do both. Its user-inspired design makes it an indispensable multi-tasking tool for the retail environment. Bar code and RFID readers, along with a credit card swipe and high speed wireless connectivity are all elements of this productive rugged computing solution.

Some features of MobileDemand xTablets that are relevant in the Retail industry include:

  • Standard full screen software applications that run on standard PC environments
  • Military specifications for drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature
  • Handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted handling options
  • Numeric keypad for data entry
  • Integrated, tethered or wireless bar-code scanning
  • RFID reading through optional devices
  • Secure wireless LAN

Retail applications include:Tablet PC for Retail

  • Inventory tracking
  • Store operations
  • Line busting
  • RFID reading and tracking
  • Point of sale promotion tracking

If you will be in New York for the 2011 NRF BIG Show, be sure to stop by booth #3050 to check out MobileDemand’s line of products and to see how your retail operations will benefit from implementing the xTablet solution.

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