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Optimize Retail Supply Chain Operations with Rugged Tablet PC

As NRF 2011 is rapidly approaching, we’ll take a look at a MobileDemand case study to show just how retailers are using the xTablet solutions to streamline their processes:

 “Affiliated Foods Midwest (AFM), a cooperative owned entirely by independent grocers, made a simple computer switch in its stores recently that led to a large and very real financial payoff.

The Customer Challenge

Processing orders is one of the most critical functions in the grocery industry – it is the lifeblood that keeps the store running. If AFM could reduce the time for this function at each store by just an hour or two per week while reducing out of stock items and improving purchasing decisions, the financial savings would be huge.

MobileDemand xTablet Rugged Tablet PC streamlining retail operationsFor years, AFM member stores used legacy handhelds to collect batch data during the order entry process. These portable, handheld computers allow users to download the data to a desktop computer, where it is processed and analyzed. This multi-step process was time consuming and inefficient.

"Our strategy with Information Technology is to deliver tools that are easy to use. Re-engineering the order process to utilize a hand-held computer was the next evolutionary step," said Vic Chiang, owner of Lanning’s Food Center in Plainview, Minn. and Chief Information Officer for AFM.

The MobileDemand Solution

As a rugged Tablet PC manufacturer that provides customers with complete mobile computing solutions, MobileDemand was able to work with AFM to develop a fully optimized order entry system.

With the industry’s highest processor performance, the company’s xTablet Tablet PC gave AFM the ability to develop a full functioning application on the Tablet PC, thus completely eliminating the need for users to download data from a handheld unit to the back-office server. One of the key requirements for AFM was to find a solution that would help preserve their development investments. Since the xTablet Tablet PC runs a full version of Windows XP Tablet, AFM was able to continue to leverage their developmental resources with Microsoft Visual Basic.”

To continue reading this case study and to watch the video on Affiliated Foods Midwest, click here.

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