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Streamline Your Agricultural Operations with Tablet PC

From tracking animal veterinary care to managing breeding and feeding schedules, the MobileDemand Tablet PC can help you streamline operations and increase productivity.

The MobileDemand xTablet can operate off-the-shelf software written for the standard full Windows environment virtually anywhere. This will enable you and your employees to access and record relevant information in the field, completely eliminating the need for back-end data entry.

As a rugged Tablet PC, the MobileDemand xTablet is ideal for the harsh environments of the agriculture industry. Designed for durability, the xTablet will withstand the harshest environments, including dust, water, rain, extreme temperatures and repeated drops.

Various agriculture operations include:

  • Track animals using RFID and bar code scanningxTablet for Agriculture
  • Monitor veterinary care
  • Control water irrigation flow
  • Pin-point the application of fertilizer
  • Manure management
  • Track growing conditions
  • GPS tracking of agriculture vehicles

Be sure to check out our Box Canyon Dairy case study to read up on their challenge, their solution, and, most importantly, the results. Here are a few snippets / highlights from the case study:

  • “I gained an additional 2 hours in my day to do something else,” says Scott Haag (General Manager of Box Canyon Dairy in Wendell, Idaho.)
  • The two to three hours that Box Canyon used to spend preparing paperwork is now a thing of the past.
  • “We’ve never had any problems, they’ve performed flawlessly. They take a beating and they keep going and going and we need that for our operation.” -Haag referencing his MobileDemand xTablets. 
  • Box Canyon reduced cattle wrangling time by 50 percent.

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