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Tablet PC A Great Tool for Public Safety Officers

As many of us recover from and/or brace for winter storms, we’ll take a look at why public safety officers such as EMTs, disaster response personnel, accident investigators, and others should look to implementing a rugged tablet computer solution for their everyday operations.

Public safety officers are our first line of defense. Whether it is a routine disturbance call or a multi-agency operation to thwart a terrorist threat, public safety plays a role in our daily lives.

MobileDemand xTablet for accident investigationIn some cases our public safety officers need to act fast; in others, meticulously and deliberately. In all cases they need reliable mobile communications to do their job more efficiently and effectively. With real-time access to converged data and multimedia communications, our public safety officers stay informed and keep others informed, resulting in better decisions that ultimately can save lives.

More demand for ultra-mobile, rugged and easy-to-use computing in the field requires technology with ergonomics that fit the bill. MobileDemand delivers lightweight, field-ready tablet computers that are designed for people working in situations where versatility is critical to a successful mission. Built with the user in mind, MobileDemand rugged tablet PCs perform regardless of environmental conditions, exposure and hazards, while providing flexible access to data and communications.

Various public safety applications in need of a rugged tablet computer solution include:

  • Hazardous materialsMobileDemand xTablet for Public Safety Officers
  • Multi-agency operations
  • Emergency response
  • Accident and crime scene investigation
  • Security and crowd control

A few features of MobileDemand xTablets extremely beneficial to public safety officers include:

  • Military rugged tested
  • Handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted handling options
  • All-light readable high resolution display
  • Color camera
  • Full Windows OS
  • GPS

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