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Minimizing Mobile Device Downtime and Productivity Loss

Designed to meet the demands and technological requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce, rugged tablet PCs optimize communication and improve efficiency in unforgiving industry environments. Though consumer- and some commercial-grade PCs are not designed to withstand the harsh conditions met in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, cold chains, port yards and field service units, rugged small form factor tablets improve on-the-go productivity while enduring the worst.

Rugged Tablet PC's from MobileDemand help reduce operational downtimeYou may be asking, “Do I really need a rugged mobile device?” After all, it’s no secret that a souped-up smartphone, handheld or portable PC is notably cheaper than a rugged tablet PC. Consider, however, total cost of ownership (TCO) in mission-critical situations. When you acknowledge that device repairs, replacement and downtime costs can quickly surpass the initial cost of a non-ruggedized device, it seems only logical to invest in a mobile device designed to survive (1) frigid, sweltering, wet or dusty environments, (2) inadvertent vibration, shock or impact, and (3) rough handling by designated users.

According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC Research), companies using commercial-grade devices report nearly twice the equipment failures of rugged PC users. In addition to these unsettling numbers, a recent VDC study found that managing the TCO of mobile device deployment is a consistent, top priority for enterprise and government organizations. More important than “ensuring user friendliness of mobility solutions,” “preventing data breaches,” and “reducing support costs,” companies count downtime minimization their number-one concern.

If you’re still on the fence about obtaining rugged mobile devices for field sales and service, factory and warehouse environments, consider how they’ll empower your team, improve overall productivity and eliminate profit-draining service problems.   

1.      Firms that purchase consumer or non-rugged commercial grade devices for extreme environments typically find themselves replacing them within six months to two years. Rugged tablet PCs come with three- to five-year warranties, with an anticipated lifespan of four+ years.

2.      Ruggedized devices can be customized to fit enterprise-specific requirements—and are perfect for voice/text communication, embedded wireless functions, bar code scanning, data entry, data capture, GPS location and image capture.    

3.      While non-rugged commercial and consumer PCs and handhelds are constructed for occasional use, rugged mobile PCs are manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements of intensive, daily field use.

4.      Ruggedized mobile devices can be safely mounted on transportable equipment, field vehicles and portable machinery, so team members benefit from cutting-edge technology in virtually any environment.

For more information about how a rugged tablet PC can optimize your business, reduce costly downtime and maximize your technology investment, contact the MobileDemand team today.

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