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Taking Rugged to the Extreme:

A Rugged Tablet PC for Unrelenting Military Environments

When it comes to mission-critical technology, compromise is never an option. Rugged computers must provide field teams, combat forces, EMTs and other military personnel with flexible, durable access to secure wireless connections & data transfer, GPS locators and easy input options—all in a compact, field-ready package. Rugged tablets such as the MobileDemand xTablet T7000 and xTablet T8700 have a proven track record of holding up under the harshest environments, including military applications. Check out these benefits:

1. Serious ruggedability

Required for harsh, data-intensive logistical environments, these rugged tablet PCs meet MIL-STD-810G military specifications and are designed to endure severe weather, drops & mishandling while still delivering high performance. (Don’t believe us? Watch as the xTablet endures a CAR WASH!) From the sealed elastomer keypad to the three-layer, magnesium-frame outer shell, MobileDemand ruggedized tablets are built to withstand the worst when mounted in vehicles, strapped to soldiers or hand-carried into the elements.      

2. Handy, lightweight designMilitary Rugged Tablet PC, Public Sector Rugged Tablet PC

Armed forces personnel working in recruiting offices, shipyards, emergency response or combat fields all benefit from deployable workstations that are compact and light enough to carry—but robust enough to handle virtually any application. Ruggedized tablet PCs include a variety of accessories in a portable, structurally sound unit that’s designed specifically for mobile personnel in rough environments.

3. Optional, built-in GPS technology

For deployed military and security personnel, the T8700’s integrated GPS provides real-time status and location stampings and turn-by-turn directions. By wearing a small RF locator, operatives appear on the pinpoint maps of MobileDemand tablet users—making it easy to stay connected in the field.

4. Accurate asset tracking

Ruggedized PCs equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) barcode scanning technology are ideal for tracking mission-critical inventory, weapons and technology systems to their final designated destinations—so valuable assets are accounted for at all times.

5. High-performance power solutions

From high capacity batteries to sturdy vehicle power adapters, MobileDemand provides tablet PC power and battery options to suit the most demanding situations. Hot swappable batteries allow for continuous run-time, preventing dangerous data and connectivity loss for field and emergency personnel.

To discover more about what MobileDemand xTablets can do for your military organization, engineering battalion or recruiting office, contact our mobile computing experts today. Interested in learning more about rugged PC public sector applications? Visit our website today!

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