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Intel? Recognizes MobileDemand and the Red Bull Racing Team

When you visit the Intel® website, you will find a special feature entitled "Amazing Places You'll Find Intel Inside". The object of "Amazing Places" is to recognize innovative developers and their intelligent, connected devices that extend beyond the PC. Powered by Intel technology, these products are increasingly connecting to the Internet, their environment and each other with profound impact.

MobileDemand is proud to be recognized by Intel as one of the "Amazing Places You'll Find Intel Inside". The Intel powered xTablets have garnered a lot of attention recently with the installation of T7000 Tablets with the NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team and Intel couldn't help but take notice at such an exciting and unique use for a Tablet PC. Here is an excerpt from the Intel website which features MobileDemand and the NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team:

"Expectations run very high at a NASCAR race. Fans expect to see daring maneuvers in pursuit of the checkered flag. Drivers expect their cars to be in optimum condition for racing and their pit crews to keep them running smoothly throughout the grueling race. And the winner expects a trophy and prize money up to $1.5 million.

The drama goes on for hours but critical decisions are made in just a matter of seconds. Seconds that determine who wins – and everyone else who doesn't.

MobileDemand xTablet Intel Processor Red Bull Racing Team NASCAREvery NASCAR team seeks a competitive advantage. Red Bull Racing Team, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, relies on the MobileDemand xTablet T7000 to give them an edge over the competitors. Instead of a white board, paper and pencil, the team uses the handheld tablets and built-in bar code scanners to complete very technical calculations about the car's fuel consumption, tire wear, and speed to help determine how many laps they can run before making a pit stop."

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