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Remote Device Training for Field Users

Functioning like a laptop while collecting data like a handheld, a Rugged Tablet PC, Rugged Computer, MobileDemandrugged tablet PC is an economical way of improving the productivity and efficiency of mobile sales consultants and field personnel in a range of industries. And, while initial and ongoing “soft” training costs must be considered when purchasing devices for a mobile workforce, ruggedized PCs offer a number of training advantages for a company and its employees. Benefits include:

  • User-friendly Windows OS Platform: Most rugged tablet PCs operate on a Microsoft Windows system. According to a recent VDC Research prediction, Windows will run on over 90 percent of small, form factor and rugged tablet devices by 2012. Linux and Palm will represent only 5 percent, combined. While there are a number of OS options to choose from, the bottom line is this: the Windows standard operating platform is more familiar to users, making it more cost effective in terms of training. In addition, uncommon operating systems often come with a host of costly maintenance and software issues, since it’s difficult to find tech and development support for non-Windows devices.
  • Long lifespan = less training: Settling for cheaper, consumer-grade devices might seem tempting, but ruggedized devices are built to last. According to the VDC study, average ruggedized device replacement occurs every 4.5+ years, while consumer handhelds tend to fail after just 2-3 years. That means that field personnel using rugged tablet PCs will have to be trained much less frequently than those using consumer-grade devices. At an estimated rate of $100-$120/hr., this savings is significant.   
  • Improved morale: Many companies don’t consider the cost of frustrated field personnel when they select a mobile device. Providing employees with durable, easy-to-use rugged PCs tends to make them happier and more efficient—which translates into increased productivity. On the other hand, forcing personnel to constantly change devices or confusing them with unfamiliar operating systems decreases your company’s overall productivity—and profitability. 

At MobileDemand, it’s our goal to outfit companies with rugged tablet PCs that stretch their training dollars and improve the effectiveness of their mobile team. To learn more about how our xTablet Tablet PCs can save you money, contact our qualified representatives today.

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