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Built to Last, Part 2

Rugged Devices Designed to Withstand Physical Challenges

If you caught our last blog, you know that rugged devices likeRugged Tablet PC, Physical Challenge, Mobile Demand those used by military ops, homeland security, field service teams, public safety personnel and manufacturing crews are powerfully engineered to withstand the harshest work environments, weather and transportation. These high-quality rugged tablet PCs are equipped with heavy-duty outer shells, impermeable keyboards and durable screens; but it’s still not enough.

Knowing that rugged Tablet PCs will be forced to endure the daily rigors of field deployment (in its many forms), companies like MobileDemand take ruggedness to the extreme. A device with real backbone isn’t just tough on the outside, but it’s unyielding on the inside, as well.

  • Rugged internal components: Ruggedized PCs contain tough components that are (1) engineered specifically for challenging industrial environments; (2) coated to eliminate shorts and malfunction caused by condensation and extreme temperature changes; and (3) developed to withstand multiple drop tests. In some cases, rugged PCs may even include internal heaters that allow components to operate in frigid external temps.  
  • Rugged accessories: Ruggedized PCs are a popular option for food & beverage distributors and other field sales and service personnel—largely because of their flexibility. These all-in-one devices can be engineered to scan barcodes, key in inventory changes and process credit cards—all from a single, handheld platform. While adding these POS accessories makes devices more functional, it also means that they must be as rugged as the unit they’re housed in. Example: The MobileDemand xTablet T8700 comes equipped with an industrial grade imager/barcode scanner that uses sensor technology, and has no moving parts. This one-piece imager is capable of withstanding much greater abuse than a multi-piece accessory. In fact, it’s proven to endure a full 2,500G of shock! 
  • Robust, long-life batteries: Your field teams can’t afford to lose power. Personnel in the field require batteries with continuous run capability, while store delivery teams often work long shifts without time for a recharge. From hot-swappable to high-capacity batteries, indestructible, long-life power solutions are a must for rugged devices.   

If you’ve made the decision to empower your employees with tablet PCs that are rugged, inside and out, we want to hear about it! How have ruggedized devices improved your productivity or helped you manage a mission-critical situation? Share your comments here, or contact us with the details of your rugged computing story!

Questions about MobileDemand device features? Call 319-363-4121 to chat with our ruggedized tablet experts! 

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