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NASCAR Driver Safety Improved by Real-time Data and Tablet PCs

NASCAR and the Red Bull Racing Team Keep Drivers Safer with the Help of MobileDemand xTablets

MobileDemand is proud that our tablets are used by the NASCAR safety team to perform crash analysis from embedded sensors on cars involved in wrecks such as the one at Martinsville on 4/3/2011. NASCAR's superior safety record can be attributed in part to its use of advanced technology for the protection of its drivers to survive extremely hard wrecks like this one! http://www.nascar.com/video/post-race/highlights/110403/cup-mar-high-two/index.html

NASCAR Red Bull Racing Team uses xTablet Tablet PCOur friends at Red Bull Racing also use MobileDemand tablets to collect and distribute critical car performance and equipment data in real-time to speed decision making at the track. Timing and scoring data provides the spotter with information to assist the driver throughout practices and on race day. Gas consumption information allows the gasman to provide fuel data to the race engineer in real time. Integrated bar code scanners assist the tire specialist in organizing the race tires throughout the weekend. The Tablet PC is also used to capture tire wear data to assess how many laps they can bear before needing to come in for a pit stop.

According to Red Bull Racing Team tire specialist Mike Motil, “During one race the tire wear information literally made the weekend. We pitted after 79 laps. The right front tire was completely gone. The wear was that extreme.  One or two more laps and we would have been in the wall like several other cars were.”   In this instance the MobileDemand tablets provided real-time data that kept the car on the track as long as possible without risking injury to the driver or damage to the vehicle.

Whether your application of mobile computing technology is mission critical like this one, or just critical to the success of your business, we’d like to hear about how your field workforce is using MobileDemand xTablets to become more effective, productive, or safe on the job. Please share your story, now. 

For more information about MobileDemand products and the industries we serve, call one of our expert representatives at 319-363-4121 or visit RuggedTabletPC.com today.

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