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Rugged Tablet PCs 10 Years Ago & Today: Technological Breakthroughs

Rugged Tablet Computers Have Advanced Exponentially in the Past 10 Years

Ten years ago, noted futurist Ray Kuzweil posited the law of accelerating returns, which states that, by building upon progress which has come before, devices such as computers and medical technology advance exponentially in a short period. As he states, “we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century – it will be more like 20,000 years of progress.”

We can see that principle in effect when we look at the progress of rugged tablet computers over the last 10 years. Early rugged tablet PCs relied upon pen styluses, running OS’s such as Windows 95 and 98. They required larger screens to work effectively, making them bulkier and more difficult to handle.

When MobileDemand began its ruggedized device business by helping beer distributors like Anheuser-Busch deliver its products, the technology was unlike anything the industry had seen before—and there’s been exponential development, since.  In fact, continual technology development has led to the deployment of over 4000 xTablets to beer distributors making MobileDemand the #1 provider of rugged tablets to the beer industry today.

Tablet PC DesignHow much things have changed in the last ten years! Today’s rugged tablet PCs are smaller, more cost-effective and employ infinitely more features. Built-in numeric keypads allow users to insert numeric data quickly and efficiently, and prevent the hunt-and-peck problems of earlier touch screen technology.  Bar code scanners allow for rapid insertion of data and let users track thousands of pieces of inventory spread over great distances. And of course, rugged tablet computers have become even more durable and at the same time easier to handle, allowing customers to carry them in all manner of conditions with supreme confidence that they will work exactly as intended.

MobileDemand has stood at the forefront of this development for over 15 years. Since our early days enabling more efficient food & beverage distribution, we’ve built rugged tablet PCs to meet every imaginable vertical market. Our developments in rugged technology lead the field; more importantly, they allow businesses to perform their jobs more efficiently, increasing productivity and helping our economy move forward into the future. Our lives today are defined by accelerating returns, and MobileDemand’s product line ensures that you keep pace with those returns every step of the way.

Check out our mobile devices in action when you visit our online case studies. See MobileDemand rugged PCs at work, improving the business efforts of clients like Red Bull Racing, Box Canyon Dairy and Dale Lee Distributing!

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