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Top 9 Questions for Selecting a Successful 3PL Partner (Part 2)

In one of last week's blogs we acknowledged that finding the right third party logistics (3PL) company to manage your logistics and transportations functions can be challenging unless you know the proper questions to ask during the evaluation process.  In addition to defining your company needs, assessing if you have a similar culture to the potential vendors, ensuring that you’ll get a custom solution, and defining how emergencies will be handled, asking the following five questions will help you make a good selection.

5. Can the 3PL meet compliance, safety, and cargo security requirements? Verify that certifications meet your supply chain and industry-mandated protocols.

6. How do I choose? Don’t let cost be the determining factor over customer service for selecting a 3PL partner. Often times companies lose sight of how their supply chain and transportation model supports and keeps intact their entire business model. Also factor in how the 3PL provider can accommodate future needs in addition to your current needs. Choosing a provider that can grow with you keeps you from costly changes in the future.

7. What value added services does the 3PL provide? A logistics partner should be able to provide a number of value-added services, and clarifying them before selecting a 3PL partner can prevent headaches later on. Services can range from providing KPI development and tracking to having the proper equipment within their facility.

8. Is my provider managing cost fairly? Make sure you fully understand how the pricing with your potential 3PL works and take the time to verify that the price you were quoted matches the price on your invoice. Hold your 3PL accountable for long-term supply chain savings by managing cost properly and that they pass the savings along to you.

9. Does my 3PL have the proper liability coverage? Verify that the potential provider has the proper insurance coverage to haul your freight and enough coverage to pay for the full value of any damaged product. In addition, the 3PL should have at least a satisfactory rating from the Department of Transportation.

Mobile Computers

Rugged Tablet PC for 3PLMost 3PLs utilize mobile computers to monitor material movement, allowing them to respond quickly with the shortest product delivery times. Ensure that the provider you select has the speed and reliability of MobileDemand rugged mobile computers. They make capturing, analyzing, and sharing information easier and can help you get your product where it needs to be. To learn more about how our xTablet Tablet PC can save you money, contact our qualified representatives today at 1.877.784.4388 or visit the Rugged Tablet PC website.

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