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Line Busting at Amusement Parks with Tablet PC

When a fleet of busses shows up, or flocks of customers suddenly appear, moving guests into the park quickly is a top priority.

Typhoon Lagoon Line Busting with Tablet PCNo one likes waiting in line. Waiting in line wastes the guests’ time, and affects your business. Guests waiting in line aren’t having fun, and they aren’t spending money. Waiting in long lines decreases the chances of guests returning for future visits. Long lines are the number-one guest complaint, according to Dale Stafford, VP of Planning and Development for Walt Disney Attractions.

In areas where tourism is heavy, the competition for your guests’ wallets may be as close as across the street. Prospective guests who see long lines at your park’s front gate may decide there are long lines inside. Then they go somewhere else. The faster your employees can get guests inside, the better.

If your park uses magnetic stripe cards, a tablet PC equipped with a magnetic stripe reader can shorten the wait and get lines moving. Unlike stationary card readers, employees equipped with mobile tablet PCs can be sent to areas where they are needed.

For example, take a park with an east and west entrance. Lines start to build at the west entrance, and an employee is dispatched with a mobile tablet PC. Opening a new line is as easy as opening the gate. When the lines at the west entrance are under control, tour busses drop off a load of guests at the east entrance. The employee can close the gate and go to help out with lines at the other entrance, without having to secure a workstation.

There’s no reason why the line busting capabilities of a rugged tablet PC can’t be put to use inside the park. Your employees can use a tablet PCs to get more customers through attractions that require special passes.

Equipping employees with tablet PCs with an integrated magneticMag Stripe Reader for Tablet PC stripe reader means there are no bulky peripherals to carry. There are no extra components to break or get lost. Rugged tablet PCs can survive drops, knocks, and spills that would leave consumer grade tablets a mangled mess.

Summer is on its way, and the crowds are coming. How will your park be handling the lines?

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