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Form Follows Function

Mobile Computing in Manufacturing Still Requires Durability

With each new consumer-grade tablet computer and Smartphone released, manufacturers may be tempted by these devices to improve their supply chain efficiencies, but can they handle the abuse of a harsh work environment?  They are consumer-grade for a reason, after all.  So when will business applications catch up? Only now are we seeing large-screen tablets that act like a laptop and a rugged mobile computer.

xTablet C1200 Rugged Convertible Tablet PCMobileDemand has recently introduced the xTablet C1200, a high-performance, rugged Tablet PC that converts to a large screen laptop. Its design allows manufacturers to improve their supply-chain efficiency by reacting to problems or opportunities more quickly. Specifically, it helps to address delays attributed to supply chain exceptions and ultimately ensures that the right inventory on hand. The xTablet C1200 also speeds development and deployment, and reduces downtime and replacement costs compared to consumer-grade devices. This significantly lowers IT support and total cost of ownership.

Full-screen mobile computers are a necessity
For applications within a manufacturing facility or warehouse, the mobile computer’s screen size and processing power allow for users to fill out full-page work orders and access reports with columns of spreadsheet data. Smaller screen devices are not able to meet this need.

The draw for businesses to Smartphones is their ability to access information in real-time. The new xTablet C1200 is specifically designed for the always-mobile professional who needs constant, superior connectivity and access to business applications, making it the ideal mobile computing solution.

Let us know if you have tried a consumer grade product in your manufacturing facility. Do you think the new features of the xTablet C1200 rugged convertible PC warrants an upgrade to your current mobile computing system?

The new generation of PC tablets has the functionality, ruggedness and application compatibility necessary to meet the demands of a manufacturing facility. To learn more, contact our qualified representatives today at 1.877.784.4388 or visit the Rugged Tablet PC website.

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