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Top 10 Trends for Retail Supply Chainers in 2011

Chain Store Age published a list of 10 trends for retailers to watch in 2011. In addition to positive sales gains, the following are trends for retailers:

  1. International market focus will increase.
  2. Aggregate online retail growth will grow 10%.
  3. Mobile commerce will become more common.
  4. Social media will become more important.
  5. Consumers will continue to go green.
  6. More retailers will use computer algorithms to analyze shopping history.
  7. The retail market will further divide into high- and low-end.
  8. Retailers will thrill, surprise, delight and engage customers.
  9. Consumers will have more input in product design.
  10. Online coupons will play a greater role.

Read the full story. (http://www.chainstoreage.com/article/top-10-trends-retailers-2011)

Tablet PC for Retail What trends are you watching in 2011? Leave a comment and let us know what you think will be important to your business this year.

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