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How Does In-Transit Visibility Benefit Your Business?

In-Transit Visibility (ITV) is a concept invented by the US Department of Defense and adopted by private industry. ITV allows the company to track the location and status of their product and drivers at all times. ITV allows the company to keep tabs on product from the time the shipment leaves the supplier, to the time it is accepted by the signer at the final destination.

ITV Saves Driver Time

With paper logs, a single driver must pull over to enter information into their log. This wastes time that could be spent on moving the product. ITV electronic logs can be entered while on the move using voice dictation. The navigation Rugged Tablet PCsfeatures of ITV software keeps drivers from getting lost, and can help them identify and avoid heavy traffic areas.

ITV Saves Maintenance Crew Time

ITV allows a shipping company to track the location of their vehicles, whether they are on the road or in the yard. If a truck is in need of repairs, the maintenance crew can find the location of the vehicle immediately, without having to waste time figuring out which of the vehicles is the one in need of repair.

ITV Reduces Expenses

When a driver is lost or stuck in traffic, it wastes fuel as well as time. With the price of fuel on the rise again, it’s even more important to plan routes and consolidate shipments. ITV allows companies to increase the amount of shipments per load by giving them a better understanding of their capacity and available fleet.

ITV Improves Customer Satisfaction

If a customer wants to know exactly where their package is, ITV provides the answer. The shipping company can provide accurate, up to the minute details instead of telling the customer when the shipment left the depot.

ITV Reduces Liability

Without ITV, there’s no conclusive proof the item was actually delivered. If the truck gets to the destination, and the customer’s package isn’t on it, where did it go? There’s no telling whether the package was actually on the truck. If the shipment is lost, it can turn into a “he said, she said” situation between the supplier and the customer, with the shipper caught in the middle.

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