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Tracing Perishable Goods with Mobile RFID Technology

Perishable goods run a perilous course from the manufacturer to the consumer. The Obama Administration estimates that one-third of all fruits and vegetables are rendered inedible before they reach grocery store shelves, and environmental fluctuations as little as two ­­degrees Fahrenheit can decimate the life of berries and bananas.

In light of those facts – and the implications for both business health and the public welfare – the Obama Administration signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law in January 2011. Among its provisions was the emphasis of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). A tag is placed on each parcel of goods, which can be scanned in an instant while tag data is transmitted via radio waves. Unlike bar codes, which must be scanned one at a time, RFID tags can be scanned in batches of one hundred or more, cutting down on response time and allowing entire shipments to be traced or inventoried very quickly. RFID technology allows shipping employees to (1) identify problematic conditions and correct them before they pose a threat, and (2) separate unusable parcels quickly and painlessly.

Tablet PC with RFID scannerWithin that equation, ruggedized computers and other rugged devices play a vital role. The compact nature of rugged tablet PCs allows them to be carried anywhere, and ruggedized computers can scan and transmit data from RFID field tags without any additional technology. Employees equipped with ruggedized tablet PCs can monitor changes in the environment, and transmit details in the blink of an eye. Often times, that’s all you need to save entire truckloads of perishable goods: improving the bottom line and protecting the consumer from spoiled food in the process.

That’s where a MobileDemand xTablet comes in. Our high-end, ruggedized computers can withstand hard knocks and tough weather with military-grade efficiency. Processing power can handle even the largest orders, and user-friendly screens make data identification a snap. Ready to simplify your food and beverage delivery, improve productivity and adhere to complex safety regulations with ease? Visit the MobileDemand website to discover turnkey mobile solutions for RFID functionality and real-time tracking of perishables and dry goods.  

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