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Five Differentiators for Hotel Revenue Managers in 2011

Jean Francois Mourier, CEO of REVPAR GURU, compiled a list of the top five ways for hotel revenue managers to make their property and work stand out from the competition this year.

1. Use technology

Tablet PC for Hospitality

2. Economize to strategize

3. Keep OTA partners close

4. Think dynamically, not statically

5. Address inventory spoils

Make 2011 A Success
According to the article, 2011 is looking bright for the hotel industry as a whole but warns that bookings will be lost without an effective revenue strategy as it becomes harder to stay one step ahead of the competition. The solution is to follow the five tips outlined above and implement a sophisticated RMS system to automate day-to-day functions in real-time so the revenue manager can focus on developing long-term strategies instead.

Read the full article here.

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