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Rugged Tablet PCs vs. Other Mobile Devices

The advent of iPhones and similar devices such as Droids has created a sea of change in remote technologies. Consumers everywhere can now use remote devices for all manner of tasks, from fact-checking to taking photos. The rapid proliferation of iPhones – and their comparatively inexpensive cost – naturally leads consumers to wonder whether rugged tablet PCs and other ruggedized devices are the best option for field use. Here are the facts.

Not a Rugged TabletWhile the initial purchase cost is more expensive, total cost of ownership for rugged tablet computers has been found to be much lower over the product’s lifetime than iPhones, Droids and iPads.  Ruggedized devices are designed for adverse conditions, meaning that they last much longer than consumer-grade products. They also prove more reliable, with fewer operating issues, less data loss and fewer repair costs over the years.

This has an impact on more than just the rugged tablet computer itself. For example, suppose a client in field service relies upon an iPhone or similar product and it breaks down.  He then needs to travel back to the office to get a replacement, or have one sent out to him. That could mean traveling hundreds of miles, resulting in a lost day of work and subsequent delays. With rugged tablet PCs, those risks are reduced considerably.

In addition, MobileDemand’s ruggedized devices run on Windows OS: a well-established and reliable operating system perfectly suited to the needs of rugged PC users. Droids, iPads and other devices that use different operating systems are less RUGGED Tablet PCsreliable in the rugged device field. Furthermore, they cannot currently perform seamless, built-in barcode scanning and similar functionality, and they raise questions about security and reliability of access. In order to compensate, these non-rugged devices often require third-party peripherals, eliminating the integrated effectiveness that the MobileDemand Tablet PC products already offer. Playing it cheap in the short-term isn’t a path to business success. For true reliability, the products of MobileDemand stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Visit RuggedTabletPC.com to learn more about the range of industries we serve, from public sector organizations to food & beverage distributors.

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