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Tablet PCs, a Key Component to Precision Agriculture & Farming Success

Tablet PC for AgricultureThe need for accurate, timely information in the field is becoming common for best management practices. Precision agriculture meets that need by relying on new technologies such as satellite imagery and information technology to enable farmers to observe and respond to intra-field variations. Equally important are mobile tablet computers, so the farmer can search for required data where and when it’s needed.

In addition to GPS-enabled map applications and livestock identification and tracking, farmers can build up records of their farms. They can also optimize field-level management in three ways: crop science such as fertilizer inputs, environmental protection to limit leaching of nitrogen, and improved economics through better management of fertilizer usage and costs.

The following are three factors to consider when selecting a mobile device:

1. Operating System: How robust is your application? Can it run on Windows Mobile or CE or does is require the functionality and security features of a full Windows OS?

2. Memory and Speed: Determine which applications to run. That will then determine the minimum memory requirements and how powerful a processor you will need to ensure fast downloads.  

3. Screen size and data entry: Select a screen size that is large enough to display information that is readable with a minimum amount of scrolling. The mobile device needs to be large enough for the user to easily enter data, which can be a problem on smaller devices.

Tablet PC Carrying StrapsWe recommend a full-screen PC like the MobileDemand xTablet. It offers the functionality of a full Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system; the high-performance of an Intel® processor;  bar code scanner, smart card and credit card scanning; optional WWAN and Bluetooth connectivity; and a variety of docking options and accessories to help farmers improve operational efficiency and make better on-the-spot decisions.

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