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Streamlining the Food and Beverage Industry with Rugged Devices

The term “ruggedized devices” implies high-danger jobs in difficult locales, such as oil rigs or in the military. While rugged tablet computers work exceptionally well in such environments, they can also play a vital role in less stressful industries, such as food and beverage distribution. MobileDemand learned this with their first major client – Anheuser Busch – and has applied those lessons to the problems faced by the food and beverage industry.

Tablet PC in Beverage DistributionThe central issue faced by food and beverage distributors entails overall efficiency and the ability to deliver goods to customers quickly. Traditional laptops can be awkward to carry and may break if dropped—an important concern when crates of beer or produce are being carted to and fro. Traditional computers usually lack built-in barcode scanners as well, making it difficult to pinpoint problem bundles. For instance, if a truckload of foodstuffs contains one box of spoiled food, the company may need to return the entire load to the factory to sort out which one it is. Credit card purchases present further difficulties for consumer-grade computers, slowing down the process of making a sale and adding unnecessary complications to the transaction.

Rugged tablet PCs eliminate all those concerns in one fell swoop. The durable design allows them to be dropped multiple times without suffering functionality reduction. Remote barcode scanners on the ruggedized device allow drivers to check all food bundles instantly, while remote uplink options convey vital information quickly and painlessly to remote employees. A driver can thus identify that bundle of spoiled food and isolate it without returning to home base—and without necessitating a delay in schedule. Rugged tablet computers also contain built-in credit card readers, making transactions instant and painless. When it comes to foodstuffs, the speed and efficiency of rugged devices keeps the product fresh and moving quickly towards its destination.

Tablet PC in Food and Beverage DistributionServing beer, food and beverage distributors with rugged tablets designed to meet the exacting requirements of these unique vertical markets, MobileDemand’s line of ruggedized tablet PCs delivers efficiency, durability and flexibility. PCs contain large screens that make data-reading easy, and inventory options to handle even the largest food and beverage orders. Call the MobileDemand team today to learn more about our customized laptops and rugged peripheral solutions, or check out our videos to see rugged food and beverage PCs in action.

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