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Tablet PCs with GPS Can Increase Business Profits and Productivity

In a global marketplace, business is where you find it. Employees travel far and wide: selling, collecting and delivering products as the need dictates. GPS’s, or global positioning systems, play a vital role in 21st century commerce. GPS satellites issue signals that can be received anywhere on the planet and sent back. This technology allows companies to keep close track of shipments, products and personnel, as well as facilitating unprecedented communication between “home base” and people in the field. A GPS ensures that shipments start on Rugged tablet pc with GPStime, notes delays through breakdowns or employee difficulty, and presents real-time data on the location and status of each shipment. Considering the amount of money saved on lost time and reduced efficiency, a GPS system becomes absolutely necessary for companies looking to thrive.

Ruggedized devices and rugged tablet PCs further increase the efficiency of GPS equipment. Rugged tablet computers have been tested to withstand the bumps and shocks of fieldwork—while keeping the GPS running at all times. Rugged tablet PCs contain larger screens for easier viewing of key data, and numeric keyboards to add data quickly and efficiently. GPS monitoring combines with larger functionality to keep track of countless items instantly, and to make changes on the go without slowing a given shipment down. Downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum with a rugged tablet computer and you can track your transported goods as they move across the country… even if they’re scattered across dozens of different transporters.

Rugged Tablet PC with GPSMobileDemand understands the needs of a rapidly moving world, and the vital importance of GPS in conducting business smoothly and efficiently. Our ruggedized devices contain the latest software updates, with GPS integrated into numerous other systems for maximum applicability. Knowledge is power in the 21st century, and businesses live or die by knowing where their products and personnel are at all times. Let MobileDemand’s rugged tablet PCs track your shipments and inventory, no matter where they are, and keep your products flowing regardless of unforeseen conditions.

Now available, MobileDemand’s xTablet C1200 is a high-performance convertible tablet with optional integrated GPS. To learn more about how GPS can increase your profits and your productivity, call MobileDemand today.

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