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The Changing Retail Supply Chain Market: Making the Most of 2011

In the 21st  century, new tools and technologies are changing the business world almost moment to moment. Gone are the days when local brick and mortar stores catered to nearby customers. Today’s global climate relies on search engines and online resources, allowing consumers to shop from the convenience of tRugged Tablet PC for Retailheir own homes. According to Chain Store Age, customers are no longer reliant upon stores they can walk to, and they are taking increasing advantage of online shopping opportunities. With that trend, of course, comes the gradual diminishment of brand loyalty. Skeptical consumers will shop around for the best deals rather than relying on one tried and true outlet.

Studies show that consumers also avoid dull, repetitive or homogenized shopping experiences. They want something new and different: something exciting and a little bit surprising. They also expect personal treatment: whether it be a business that caters to their particular demands or online input that helps them craft the design of their upcoming product.

Within that environment, businesses and retailers need to keep up with the times.  Greater access to information means the ability to anticipate a customer’s needs. Reliable, instant access provides data on physically distant products—allowing customers to order and have shipped within minutes. Rugged devices, such as rugged tablet PCs, allow field salesmen to instantly recall data from anywhere and send out orders just as quickly. Tablet PC scanners also allow retailers to efficiently scan coupons and double-check sales or discount offers the customer might have seen online. The design of ruggedized tablets means that you can carry them anywhere, and they’ll resist the bumps and drops that naturally come with transport and portability.

At MobileDemand, we specialize in tablet PCs, bar code scanners, credit card readers and other rugged devices designed to move with your employees—and maximize your retail profits. The demise of traditional brick-and-mortar stores means that you need a portable office available at your fingertips. Our rugged tablet PCs let you go wherever the customer is: maintaining that Rugged Tablet PCs for Retailpersonal touch without staying shackled to outmoded forms of commerce. Contact the MobileDemand team today to inquire about how rugged devices will keep you connected to the ever-changing market—and keep your business growing in a volatile retail climate.

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