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Communicate Via Rugged Tablet PC in Times of Natural Disaster

Recent large-scale natural disasters like those in New Zealand, Australia, Japan as well as smaller-scale disasters like the tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri have collectivelyTablet PC for Natural Disaster killed thousands, forcing us to question if we can be better prepared a catastrophe hit our area. Disaster preparedness often takes a back seat to more immediate business issues, but it is easy to see that a robust emergency response plan, backed by cutting edge technology, is a necessity.

From governments and organizations to individual persons, having business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place to deal with situations of any magnitude—from catastrophes to public safety—is essential. The cornerstone to an effective plan is timely communication enabled by technology such as the following, so that responders can take swift action:

  1. Access to real-time data and video give decision makers the information they need to communicate the situation accurately and consistently to all team members for immediate action.
  2. Interoperability, so responders across multiple departments and jurisdictions are able to work together to quickly share information.
  3. Technology, such as computer aided-dispatch, location-based notification services using GPS tracking, and accurate access to database records allows the proper mix of personnel for a rapid response to a given situation.

Although scientists have become much better at predicting earthquakes and severe weather patterns, they cannot prepare us for every situation. Having communication set up prior to a natural disaster is the best way to minimize the damage and causalities. With advanced planning and the appropriate technology, you can greatly increase the likelihood that responders will be able to communicate and react in an emergency.

Rugged Tablet PC for Natural DisasterHave you developed a game plan to communicate in situations that require you to deploy additional network coverage, capacity and interoperability? Would your network be able to support a significant increase in the number of responders? What would you do if the threat of a tornado required emergency dispatchers to evacuate? Contact us at MobileDemand to learn how xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs can help you with your disaster preparedness.


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