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Eliminate Long Lines by Implementing Rugged Tablet PCs

Nothing daunts a customer more than walking into a store and seeing long lines at the register. It's no secret the experience at the checkout stand has one of the biggest impacts on customer satisfaction.

Customer LineCustomers lead busy lives, and are pressed for time. When a customer sees lines, they mentally calculate how long it will take to get through them. If they think it will take too long, they may leave or choose to go somewhere else next time.

Customers who have just started to pick up items may abandon their purchases when they see the lines. Not only have you lost a sale, now employees must waste time returning the items to the shelves. Customers who have to wait in the long lines can leave with a negative impression of your business.

One possible solution to long lines is to eliminate the need for lines entirely. With a mobile rugged Tablet PC, checkouts are no longer limited to the register. If the tablet PC is equipped with point-of-sale software and a magnetic stripe reader, any employee can complete a credit or debit card sale from anywhere in the store.

A salesperson can check inventory, run the transaction, and transmit the order. All the customer has to do is walk out of the store, while the salesperson is free to move on to helping the next customer.

According to the September 2010 Mobile Retail as a Reality report, thirty-eight percent of retailers are currently implementing mobile point-of-sale technology. This is an increase of over two hundred percent compared to the results of a survey at the end of 2008. Sixty-five percent of retailers consider mobile POS as a primary way to offer a personalized and interactive experience to customers.

Mobile tablet PCs used in Retail applications increase speed and efficiency, and reduce the need for backup cashiers. They also leave customers with a positive impression of your business, and more one-on-one interactive experience with employees.

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