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Rugged Tablet PCs Keep Soldiers Connected

Computers have been present on the battlefield for decades. Until recently, ruggedized PCs have come mainly in the form of notebooks. In order to meet the US Military’s standards for ruggedness, these behemoths stretched the definition of the word portable to its limits.

Ruggedized laptops are heavy and bulky, with some models reaching over 10 pounds in weight. Rugged laptops also require setup space, and they can’t be used while on the move on foot. In today’s military, portability is as important as ruggedness. In today’s military, rugged tablet PCs have taken over some of the functions of ruggedized notebooks.

Military Rugged Tablet PCWith a rugged tablet PC, a military commander doesn’t have to leave their computer behind when they leave their vehicle. A commander can mount their rugged tablet PC in a vehicle dock while on route, then dismount the tablet PC in seconds and take it with them to use as a mobile command post. Tablet PCs require no setup space, and can easily be used while walking or running. Commanders can check on troop movements, view battlefield reports, and check target locations, no matter where they are.

Even the most powerful electronics don’t do any good when they’re out of service. Consumer grade tablet PCs don’t have the durability to stand up to the conditions of the battlefield. Vibrations, dust, temperature extremes, and moisture can incapacitate a consumer grade laptop or tablet. In order to provide reliable military service on the battlefield, a tablet PC should be fully rugged and meet the Mil-Std 810G standard for drops, shocks, and temperatures.

Military Rugged Tablet PCThe LCD screens on most consumer grade devices wash out and become unreadable in bright sunlight. This limitation is fine for the average user, but a military grade tablet PC needs to be viewable under a wide variety of lighting conditions. The screen should be clear and readable in the blazing noon sun, as well as the dead of night.

It’s essential for military commanders to remain connected and informed at all times. Rugged tablet PCs keep communication lines open, and help keep military personnel safe on the battlefield. Be sure to check out MobileDemand's line of Rugged Tablet PCs including the new, lightweight, high performance Rugged Convertible Laptop.

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