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Are Tablet PCs Right for In-store Merchandising?

Tablet PCs are generating a lot of interest with both retailers and consumers. The Apple iPad has sparked a revolution in the field of tablet PCs, but are tablets right for your retail business? Before you jump into buying new equipment, there are a few things to take into consideration.

1. Does your company have a catalog or website that carries more items than your retail location? Instead of sending customers home to complete purchases they might have second thoughts about, a tablet PC allows customers to complete their online purchases right in the store.Tablet PC for Retail

2. Does your product require a lot of information to get customers to buy? With stores carrying thousands of items, even the most knowledgeable sales associate can’t memorize every detail of every product. When a customer asks an unexpected or technical question, a sales associate equipped with a Rugged Tablet PC can give the answer almost immediately. Tablet PCs reinforce a store’s image enablingknowledgeable employees, instead of associates being forced to admit they don’t know the answer, or leaving the customer waiting to find information.

3. Does your business rely on cross-selling or up-selling? Tablets can boost your profits by making intelligent suggestions. For example, imagine a customer purchasing a digital music player at an electronics store. An associate with a tablet PC can help them choose the right player based on the features they want and then suggest items such as headphones, storage cases, additional batteries, and other high profit add-ons.

4. Is branding important to your business? Kiosks located throughout the store equipped with tablet PCs can be  powerful marketing tools. They can inform  customers about new products, sales, upcoming events, or reinforce your brand image by displaying your company logo.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, there is one more thing you need to think about. The retail environment is demanding. Whether they’re being carried by employees or left unmanned, tablet PCs need to be able to take the knocks, bumps, dust, and drops that come with the territory. In order to get the best return on your investment, the tablet PCs you choose should be retail rugged. MobileDemand can help you choose the retail rugged tablet PC that’s right for your business.

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