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Tablet PC Battery Life Leaving You Cold?

Rugged computers used by mobile workers need to function for long hours without recharging—especially when the worker is in transit, out in the field or otherwise High Capacity Rugged Tablet PC Batteriesfar from a charging station. Consumer-grade and many commercial-grade computers are designed for only a few hours functionality before running on empty during mission critical situations. In addition, many batteries tend to falter in adverse conditions. Heat and cold can leach battery power, while sharp jolts can damage it permanently. When your business depends on staying connected to a mobile workforce, you could end up in a constant fight for battery power—at the worst possible times.

High quality ruggedized devices help you win that fight, every time. A Rugged Tablet PC has the toughness to withstand even the harshest conditions, and all its components, including the batteries are built the same way.  They survive bangs and bumps time after time, and can last for an entire shift without failing. They serve vital roles in countless industries, including:

  • The military, which depends on functioning equipment and ruggedized batteries to succeed in critical missions
  • Civilian emergency service personnel, who must locate accident sites and communicate with each other for long hours
  • Agricultural workers, who spend entire days in the fields with crops or livestock, far away from charging stations
  • Food and beverage providers, who must ship their products over long miles without pausing to recharge
  • Transportation logistics personnel, who must constantly scan and record bar codes of goods for lengthy time periods

At MobileDemand, we provide ruggedized computers to suit a variety of business needs. We also carry extended life batteries and recharging equipment that’s fit to withstand anything you throw at it. Our rugged hot swappable extended life tablet PC batteries offer enough power to last entire shifts. And our line of car adaptors lets you recharge in transit, so you don’t waste a minute of time. Call MobileDemand today and never worry about seeing that “low battery” light again.

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