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Innovating Route Accounting with Rugged Tablet PCs

Route accounting refers to the practice of purchasing products and services remotely. It essentially frees a company from brick-and-mortar locations, increasing effective sales while providing the customer with the convenience of an instant transaction record. Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) allow sales staff and delivery employees to freely move between customers: accessing the company’s database, checking on product availability and delivery time, and processing transactions on the spot. Rugged Tablet PC for DeliveryThe inclusion of features like bar code scanners and credit card readers keeps the RTLS self-contained and easy to operate. Employees on the go can hand carry a rugged tablet PC onto their belts or transport them in the glove compartments of a vehicle—without having to carry a lot of equipment.

This process increases both the effectiveness of your operation and the speed by which you can conduct business. Before the advent of RTLS, salespeople had to keep track of potential purchases via paper. Transactions could take days, and clerical errors could lead to lost revenue. Product delivery relied on careful accounting both at the departure point and the destination—and without any means of checking inventory on the fly, mistakes could create interminable delays. Route accounting solves all of that in an instant: employees can confirm product delivery en route and process agreements without returning to a centralized locale.

Route accounting is ineffective, however, without the right equipment. Rugged computers and rugged tablet PCs need to stand up to all kinds of physical stress. A delicate computer that’s damaged in the field could be rendered inoperable, but a ruggedized device can stand up to anything you can throw at it. Beyond their durability, rugged computers provide fast processing ability and the storage space to handle large amounts of data. Rugged tablet PCs need to be compatible with pertinent accessories such as bar code readers, and all ruggedized devices require a long battery life to function for an entire work shift.

The experts at MobileDemand understand how route accounting is changing the face of business. Our high-end products are tested to withstand the harshest conditions, and provide reliable service to instantly complete any transaction you have in mind. Want to see how route accounting can put you ahead of the curve?

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