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Execs Moving From Smartphones to Rugged Devices

At first glance, smartphones appear indispensible for executives scrambling to keep on top of daily business tasks. They’re handy, they’re portable, they contain copious memory, and they cut costs by going paperless (which is eco-conscious, to boot).

Upon closer glance, though, smartphones contain more downsides than you may realize. Most pertinently, they lack durability. Just ask anyone who has ever dropped one into water or onto concrete. Simply subjecting them to the rigors of a day-to-day schedule can easily damage them, increasing replacement/repair expenses and costing valuable time. Furthermore, light-speed technology advances render smartphones obsolete in as little as a few months. And, while they may possess long battery life at first—the longevity doesn’t last. For executives hoping to stay ahead of the curve–particularly those constantly on the move throughout the day–there’s a better solution.  

Rugged Tablet PCsIn today’s fast-paced, globalized business climate, many executives are turning to rugged devices such as rugged tablet PCs and ruggedized computers.  A recent survey of 300 Fortune 1000 executives found an impressive 67 percent interested in trading their smartphones for rugged devices. Why such a high number? One look at the products—and you’ll see. Ruggedized computers are extremely durable, and are increasingly able to stand up to the rigors of a busy schedule. They don’t break when dropped, and they don’t wilt in the heat or the cold. Rugged tablet PCs remain usable for years, freed from the tyranny of the latest update or technological tweak. And rugged devices perform a wide variety of functions, from barcode scanning and credit card reading to accurate keypad data entry.

At MobileDemand, we offer a wide range of rugged devices with a high-quality track record. Our products are used by first-response teams, military personnel, members of the agricultural industry and transportation executives dedicated to keeping the supply of products flowing. Our devices have been tested under the harshest conditions (even the car wash), and emerge with flying colors. If you’re an on-the-go executive with an increasing need to keep up with technology and business, contact the MobileDemand team today. We’ll show you how ruggedized computers will make your life easier.

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