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Mobile Workforce Management: Where Are Your Field Service Technicians?

Imagine the following scenario: One of your biggest clients calls in with an urgent and unusual problem. They need a Field Service technician with special training, and they need one now. If your business can’t get a technician out to the site as soon as possible, your client will have to call on someone else. If you can’t get the right person with the right tools out to save the day, you risk letting the competition get their foot in the door with your client.

How do you handle this situation?  Which technicians are closest to the site? Which of them is between jobs and can be diverted? Which technicians have the training and carry the equipment necessary to fix the customer’s problem?

Without mobile workforce management, there’s no way to get a real-time picture of where your technicians are, and what they are doing at any given time. You may have to resort to time wasting efforts like shuffling through personnel files or calling the technicians and asking their status.

Rugged Tablet PC for Field ServiceWith a mobile workforce management solution running on a Rugged Tablet PC, you have instant access to the information you need to give your client an immediate answer. Tablets equipped with GPS can tell you where the field technicians are located at that specific moment. Personnel information tells you which technicians have the training and tools to fix the problem. Status indicators can tell you whether they are with a client, on break, or en route to a scheduled appointment.

It’s 4 PM, and your most important client is on the phone with an emergency service call. With a mobile workforce management system, you can give your client a solid answer right away.

You can also re-route your service technician to where they need to go. Once at the site, a Rugged Tablet PC like the MobileDemand xTablet can provide the technician with client history information and even instructions and schematics to fix the problem. A built-in bar code scanner lets the technician manage mobile inventory by scanning parts used on the job. The tablet can capture client signatures for proof of service. With a credit card reader and Bluetooth printer payment can be made at the time of service and invoices and receipts printed for your client’s records.

For more information on how MobileDemand can help you empower your field service technicians contact one of our Field Service experts at 319-363-4121 or visit our RuggedTabletPC website.


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