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Military and Public Safety Applications for Rugged Tablet PCs

No single industry benefits from ruggedized devices more than military and emergency services. The need for timely and up-to-date field data can spell the difference between life and death. Simultaneously, conditions can be chaotic and ever shifting; one misplaced foot or dropped tablet can cut a unit off from the information it needs to survive. Furthermore, rugged tablet PCs require ease of use to be effective. A military unit in a combat zone can’t waste time figuring out the minutia of its equipment, nor can an EMT worry about screen size when rushing to the scene of an accident. Rugged tablets need to work as expected when expected; no exceptions and no excuses.

Rugged Tablet PC for Military and DefenseRuggedized tablets are specifically designed to handle such high-pressure situations. Software partners develop solutions for mobile command centers and first-responders, with a focus on maximum applicability and minimal response time. Individual rugged tablet PCs can sync up with units in the field, allowing their commanders to issue new directives, updated intelligence and real-time hazard alerts. Conversely, field units can report new data back to those in charge, allowing them to better coordinate their responses and bring new resources to the fore as needed. With remote control units playing an increasingly large role in emergency operations—everything from robotic minesweepers to remote bomb disposal units—the importance of such mission-critical devices will increase even more in the future.

Rugged tablet computers stand up to the harshest conditions: from rain and snow to jolting drops. One-handed operation and easy-to-use controls on each ruggedized device ensure maximum ease of use, and lightweight designs allowRugged Tablet PC for Military and Defense them to be carried on a belt or harness without strain or inconvenience. Large screens allow users to receive the data they need, when then need it, while accessing multiple systems quickly—and without data loss.

Ready to equip your security personnel with the best tools possible? MobileDemand products are designed to meet toughest field design specs, while retaining easy user interface to keep key information flowing. They get the job done, no matter where you use them… and no matter how important the job. Call MobileDemand today to learn more about our military-grade tablets and rugged field solutions.

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