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Modernize and Improve Inspections with Rugged Tablet PC

The days of hauling around a bulky laptop or filling out endless paper forms are numbered.

Fire and building inspectors have traditionally relied on paper forms for their reports. Unfortunately, paper forms are prone to transcription problems due to Rugged Tablet PC for Inspectionsillegible handwriting and human error. Instead of carrying around a pen and a bulky clipboard covered with paper, consider the Rugged Tablet PC.

Instead of calling back to the office if the inspector isn’t sure if something meets code, they can look up safety regulations while on site. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector can transmit their findings directly to the department in digital format. No more lost, incomplete, or illegible paperwork. If citations or fines are necessary, the information is ready to import into the department’s various computer systems with no transcription. With a credit card reader on the tablet the inspector can even accept payment in real-time.

Everyone who has struggled to read a faded or poorly copied inspection form can appreciate the ease and clarity of digital data entry. Yet, construction sites and burned out buildings are no places for a fragile computer or tablet PC.

Laptops need to be placed on a flat surface, which isn’t always available at the inspection site. Public safety and home inspectors rarely stay in one place while doing an inspection anyway. With a laptop, the inspector must spend time entering the data after the inspection is finished. Tablet PCs are easier to carry and can be used while moving and standing. But not just any tablet PC will do. Public safety and home inspectors need a durable, rugged tablet that’s portable and can go with them while they move around the site as well as survive the dust, moisture and drops prevalent in their working environment. Consumer grade electronics just aren’t made for heavy-duty inspection work.

More portable than a laptop, more powerful than a Smartphone, and more durable than an iPad, MobileDemand xTablets are the perfect tools for the modern safety and home inspector. To learn how they can stand up in your real-world environment call one of our Inspections experts at 319-363-4121 or visit the RuggedTabletPC website.

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