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Inventory Management and Rugged Tablet PCs Build Customer Loyalty

Retail businesses face perhaps the stiffest competition in the history of commerce. With products of every sort available online, traditional retailers cannot afford to take their customers for granted. They need well-stocked shelves that anticipate customer needs, as well as impeccable service that makes them likely to return. To do otherwise is to drive their customer base straight to their laptops, where users will find what they’re looking for in a few clicks of a button.

But technology need not be the enemy of the resolute retailer. Rugged computers and rugged tablet PCs, in particular, can help you stay one step ahead of the competition and ensure that your brick-and-mortar store stocks the updated products your customers demand. Mobile tablets allow you to check inventory options immediately, and order new products instantly. If you don’t have what the customer requests, you can track it quickly, pinpoint its location—and place an order on the spot. Ruggedized devices also allow fast, efficient inventory searching with integrated bar code readers and centralized databases. Available wherever your employees are, the rugged tablet PC is ideal for every aspect of retail inventory management. If you have a product, but your sales staff doesn’t know where it is, portable rugged computers can locate it quickly--rather than forcing customers to wait while your staff goes on a wild goose chase.

Rugged computer systems also allow you to rapidly create a centralized store inventory, automatically recording transactions and updating the database instantly. This real-time data streamlines the analysis of purchase trends, helping you make profitable improvements to your inventory. The same concept holds true for tracking special orders as they travel from the point of origin to your store. Many inventory systems can even be programmed to provide customers with emailed updates about product status, saving employees the time required to follow-up on individual status calls.

Large screens and numeric keypads on rugged tablet PCs make it easier to find specific information on a lengthy list, while credit card scanners allow personnel to close a sale from the anywhere in the store. And while a commercial computer such as an iPad provides similar functionality, these devices are too fragile to survive the rigors of daily transport and accidental impact. Rugged Tablet PCs at MobileDemand hold up to the hectic pace of retail business, while giving you the tools you need to keep your customers happy.

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