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MobileDemand Introduces 12-Cell Battery for xTablet T8700

As MobileDemand continues to engineer accessories and add-ons to meet customer needs, one new accessory is now in-stock and ready for purchase.

Rugged Tablet PC High Capacity BatteryRecently, MobileDemand created a high capacity 12-cell battery for the xTablet T8700. The idea came about when a current customer saw a need for extended battery life in an environment where electricity to charge the tablet during the work day was scarce. The 12-cell battery can only be used in conjunction with the xTablet T8700 with the standard capacity battery on the inside.

Like all other batteries, run time is dependent on each customer’s usage scenario, how much any given software exercises the CPU, how often the hard drive is accessed and how much the WLAN radio is used. With the 12-cell battery, users will get approximately 7 hours of additional run time. Talk about a lot of hours in the field with your Rugged Tablet PC!

Here are a few other specs of the 12-cell battery:

  • Contains 12 lithium ion cells
  • 11.1 Vdc (Volts Direct Current)
  • 10400 mAh (Milliamp Hours)
  • 115 Wh (Watt Hours)
  • Charging time: ~5.5 hours on xTablet

With the 12-cell battery attached to the back of the xTablet T8700, you will still be able to use the handstrap and the tablet will still fit and charge in the office dock.

Please contact your sales rep with any questions or if you would like to place an order.

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