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Move Them Along with Rugged Tablet PC; They'll Thank You For It

Rugged Tablet PC for HospitalityHospitality industry leaders recognize that when they equip their staff with mobile tablet solutions, they are able better able to meet business objectives such as guest marketing, employee training, and exceeding customer expectations. Whether you are in the restaurant, hotel, resort, amusement park, catering or event management business, increasing staff efficiency and productivity while improving the guest experience is the way to ensure repeat business.

For hotels, staff is able to revolutionize their guests’ experiences by using Tablet PC solutions for the following operations and retail applications: food order taking, housekeeping, asset tracking, mobile check-in, food safety, poolside or golf course purchases, and facilities management.

Benefits include:

  • With line-busting applications front desk lines are shorter with expedited check-in and check-out times.
  • Concierge services are enhanced with instant information.
  • Housekeeping staff can respond quickly where they are needed most.
  • Staff productivity is increased as they are immediately reassigned after completing a task.
  • Facilities documentation is more accurate by eliminating paperwork errors, thereby enabling workers to focus on keeping the facility in pristine condition.

For food service, whether full service, poolside or stadium, tableside ordering and payment solutions can increase sales, enhance the server productivity and ultimately increase guest satisfaction. Rugged Tablet PCs replace the time-consuming process of handwriting an order, walking it to the kitchen or keying it at a station, retuning to the station to process a check and again to key the payment. Orders are taken on the mobile tablet from the table and wireless transmitted to the kitchen or bar, generating a check directly from the order. Credit card payments can be processed right at the table with Wireless POS.

Benefits include:

  • Order errors are decreased since orders are entered only once.
  • Sales are increased as servers have more time to attend to customer needs.
  • Guest satisfaction is improved with more attentive service
  • Server productivity is increased since they are able to serve more tables.
  • Credit card security is improved when payment is processed at the table since the card never leaves the customer’s view.
  • More stadium guests are served during events.

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