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Eliminate Errors with Rugged Tablet PC While You Eliminate Pests

Just like pests are the bane of your customers, errors are the bane of your pest control business. Errors in billing or appointment scheduling can affect your relationship with your clients. Inventory, personnel scheduling and billing errors can bring your business to a halt.

Under paper based systems, when field technicians create an order, the technician must go back to the office at the end of the day to drop off the paperwork and perform reconciliation tasks. Then a clerk must decipher the technician’s handwriting, and enter the information into the computer system. Sometimes the clerk must enter the data into several programs, or even different parts of the same program. Every time the data is re-recorded, it gives human error the chance to sneak in.

Paper based systems have other disadvantages as well. Field technicians rarely know exactly what they will be confronting when they get to the job site. When the field technician needs access to information such as data gathered during prior service calls, equipment warranties, and inventory availability, they must make time consuming calls back to the office. Office personnel must put their other duties on hold while they retrieve the information.

Rugged Tablet PC for Field TechnicianSwitching from paper based systems to pest control management system running on a rugged mobile Tablet PC allows you to eliminate these errors, speed up service and payment, and save on personnel costs. Field technicians have instant access to customer information and inventory. They can look up notes from prior service calls, and even information on service calls for other clients in the same building. Plus, these rugged tablets are designed to withstand dust, rain, vibration, drops and just about any other real-world conditions.

When the field technician enters their information, it’s already in digital format. The information can be transmitted back to the home office wirelessly, reducing the need for time wasting trips. The customer information is imported automatically and does not need to be re-keyed, reducing the chances for errors. With a Bluetooth enabled printer the technician can also print invoices on site and a Tablet PC with a credit card reader even allows the technician to accept payment at the time of service.

Tablet PCs can help your pest control business increase customer satisfaction, reduce personnel costs, increase field technician productivity, and stamp out the bugs in your record keeping.

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