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Case Study: Tablet PC Plays Important Roles in Transportation & Logistics Industry

Trucking. It’s a tough business.  With high operating expenses, compliance regulations, fluctuating fuel costs, and super thin margins, trucking companies live or die based on the efficiency of their operations and productivity of their drivers.

Perhaps no one knows this better than PeopleNet, a leading provider of onboard computing and mobile communication solutions to the transportation industry, primarily in the trucking sector.  Since 1994, when the Minnesota-based company was founded, PeopleNet has been helping its customers improve efficiency and get the most out of their technology investments. Today, more than 1500 trucking companies throughout North America rely on PeopleNet systems to increase safety and compliance, reduce operating costs, boost productivity and improve customer service.

The Customer Challenge

For its latest offering, PeopleNet searched for a technology partner that could provide an ideal rugged tablet PC for its onboard computing platform; one that could be used in the cab and also as a portable computer for pick-up and delivery.

Rugged Tablet PC for Transportation“We’ve always been a customer-centric company. With each new product offering PeopleNet has been able to provide our existing customers with new functionality to help them cut costs and improve the efficiency of their operation. For our newest system, we looked for a partner that could provide a rugged tablet computer that would allow our fleets to take advantage of all the functionality our system provides in the cab and also allow them to take the device out of the cab to perform signature capture, do bar coding, take a picture, and capture additional work increasing the ROI,” says PeopleNet CEO Ron Konezny.

Click here to continue reading the PeopleNet Case Study. The case study goes in-depth about the MobileDemand solution as well as the results that PeopleNet has been seeing.

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