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Benefits of the Rugged Tablet PC for Beverage Pre-Sales and Delivery

Like most industries, the beverage industry depends upon speed and efficiency to maximize profitability. Old-fashioned paper records and computers can’t always be instantly accessed, slowing sales personnel down enough to be overtaken by the competition. Moreover, you often need updated inventory lists to manage the actual cases and barrels on distributor trucks. Checking individual parcels against a paper list wastes valuable time, and bulky barcode readers can be tricky to operate in remote locales. Furthermore, field employees often need to retrieve SKU data from a central server somewhere: a tricky proposition when using devices with a less-than-reliable track record.

Rugged Tablet PC for Food and Beverage IndustryRugged tablet PCs and other ruggedized computers offer a perfect solution. Most are lightweight and extremely durable, with components that stand up to military-level stress. They can be easily clipped on a belt, mounted in the vehicle or carried in the glove compartment of a delivery truck, holding huge amounts of data within their confines. The information appears clearly and concisely, without having to interpret the chicken scratches of poor handwriting. Most important for beverage distributors, quality rugged devices come with state-of-the-art bar code scanners that can instantly read parcels of beverages. What once took hours of frustrating work can now be accomplished in minutes, allowing distributors to quickly identify which parcels go where, which cases contain which brands, and which orders need to be pulled before reaching their destination.

Ruggedized computers from MobileDemand are also easy to use, cutting down on training time and allowing you to be instantly “field-ready.” Compact, lightweight keypads are easily connected to our rugged PC handhelds with minimal fuss, allowing those unaccustomed to touch screens to work quickly and efficiently. At MobileDemand, we’ll help expand your business by leaps and bounds, increasing orders and shortening beverage delivery time without adding extra man hours to the equation.

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