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Enhancing Public Sector Efficiency with Rugged Tablet PCs

Tough economic times pinch the public sector, as reduced revenue means fewer resources to solve pressing problems. In order to effectively do its job, the public sector needs to be leaner, meaner and more efficient. Rugged tablet PCs used to complete field work can help immeasurably.

Rugged Tablet PC for InspectionsEfficiency in the public sector begins with record keeping and paperwork. Every organization requires extensive records that need to be as complete as possible, while also being readily accessible for reference and evaluation. This type of paper management can translate to massive files using up vast warehouse space, as well as a burgeoning and time-consuming tracking system to organize it all. Rugged tablet PCs cut down on the clutter by moving documents to virtual space: accessible to any public sector employee with a rugged computer, and able to be revised and updated with the click of a button. Rugged tablet PCs reduce the paper trail that burdens budgets and taxes manpower. Moreover, efficient data management ensures that data gets where it needs to go in a timely manner.

In the case of public sector organizations supplying emergency services, lives are literally on the line. Rugged computers allow dispatchers to update first response teams with vital information. This includes anything from the medical allergies of an accident victim to shifting winds in the midst of a forest fire. First responders can then send updated information back to central dispatch through the rugged device, allowing them to request additional resources or redeploy personnel to areas where they might be more efficient.

Other benefits? Rugged tablet PCs can be hooked to belts and backpacks, andRugged Tablet PC for Public Sector their long battery life keeps them going for hours. The sturdy framework holds up to military-level jolts and shocks, as well as allows them to function in wet conditions without a hitch. That not only helps the organization to function more quickly in an emergency, but to keep every available resource focused on doing the most good. As an added benefit, a large, clear screen allows for improved scrolling and searching, and permits employees to sift through massive data streams quickly.

To see how ruggedized computers and rugged tablet PCs can get the job done for every facet of the public service sector, speak to a MobileDemand representative today.


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