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Shorten Cash Cycle by Automating Field Service Transactions w/ Tablet PC

For millions of field service professionals across the country, the task of taking products and services—whether it’s fixing, delivering or installing—directly to their customers is “just a day at the office.” Regardless of the type of consumer being serviced, ranging from heavy machinery to durable consumer goods, the service is being conducted in the field. Consequently, payment is also collected in the field at the point of customer contact.

These days, customers expect payment options other than cash; so mobile workers need to be able to accommodate paper checks, debit cards and credit cards. Regardless of the type of payment being processed, the transaction typically occurs inside the customer’s home or place of business, so a mobile computer equipped to accept payment in a variety of forms is necessary. The most common hardware choice is a rugged tablet PC because it can stand up to everyday demands and even abuse.

Rugged tablet PC for Field ServiceField service professionals are better adept to the concept of “doing more with less” because, as a mobile worker, they conduct business in more places. By automating the entire chain of service using ruggedized tablet PCs, the billing and payment cycle is shortened, thus positively affecting cash flow. In addition, workers are equipped to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. A service call, for example, is likely to be on time, resolved more quickly and the technician can provide proof of service.

From dispatch to billing and payment, the entire service operation can happen using a single MobileDemand rugged tablet PC with field payment capabilities including a mag-stripe credit card reader, an integrated barcode scanner and a color camera. Using the xTablet, a repair tech is able to identify the customer’s location, access product-specific information, track parts used, swipe the customer’s credit card or capture a digital image of a check, and complete and close-out the transaction. The payment cycle is complete.

Contact MobileDemand to learn how mobile technology can often be leveraged to support other processes and deliver more improvements for productivity gains and increased profits needed to remain competitive in today’s field service enterprise.


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