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Rugged Tablet PC: The Latest Essential Farm Tool

As the demand for specialized small computers and tablet PCs that can be used in a variety of situations has developed into a full blown industry, many manufacturers are offering lines of specialty built, rugged tablet PCs and laptops.   The necessity for the most rugged tablet PC originally started with the military demanding tough as nails units that could be taken into the most challenging situations and survive severe weather conditions, from sub-zero to scorching heat.  Pile on blowing sand, brutal humidity, rain, snow, salt water and being jostled, dropped and abused, and you can understand why it takes a highly specialized piece of equipment to withstand the kind of treatment that these a rugged tablet pcs will go through.

After the military started using rugged tablet PCs, the demand spread to law enforcement and now they are being utilized in a variety of industries.

Rugged Tablet PC for AgricultureAn industry that is utilizing rugged tablet PCs to their full advantage (and is a perfect environment for stress testing to the max), is the agriculture business.  From cattle ranching to dairies, alfalfa farmers to lettuce growers, family-owned farms to large corporate-owned conglomerates, the rugged tablet PC is now an integral part of the industry. 

The agriculture industry is ideal for implementing a computerized business model.  Since tracking information is critical to the survival of any kind of farming or ranching operation, by integrating rugged tablet PCs with industry specific software, the utilization of information technology and communication is becoming increasingly important. 

An example of this might be a family owned and operated dairy.  By computerizing their operation, dairy farmers can now manage their herds and track everything from heat cycles to how much milk a certain cow produces.  They now have the ability to manage their dairies more efficiently, which results in more cost-effective dairy management.  Of course, it's critical to have software specifically tailored to the industry, but the hardware that a dairyman uses is also critical to the ability to operate efficiently. 

One of the considerations when choosing a rugged tablet PC is the initial cost.  But, a proper evaluation should also factor in the total cost of ownership.  Although rugged tablet PCs can be more expensive at the outset than non-rugged devices, they will more than pay for themselves with their tough design and reliable performance. In a head to head competition, a non-rugged tablet PC will simply not stand up to the stresses that are put on it.  This is why the cost effectiveness of a rugged tablet PC is far superior to the non-rugged tablet PC.

Another feature that makes rugged tablet PCs so attractive is that they come equipped with the Windows 7 operating system.  By utilizing the Windows 7 operating system, it is easier to load and set up most of the specialized software applications that are specific to the agriculture, farming and ranching industries. 

In addition to the Windows operating system, rugged tablet PCs also offer bar code scanners and RFID readers, integrated keypads and optional QWERTY keyboards, smart card and credit card readers, color cameras and wide area wireless connectivity.  Plus Intel processors provide all the speed and processing power farming operations need.   


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