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Correct Inefficiencies in the Field with a Rugged Tablet PC

In Utah, the owner of a small dairy scans the ear tag of one of his Holsteins into his Rugged Tablet PC in order to evaluate the amount of milk she's giving compared to the previous year.  He presses the screen and almost instantly knows that the heifer is up 3%.  In Texas, a beverage distributor uses his Rugged Tablet PC to scan the bar codes of the stacks of canned drinks in the back of a large supermarket, presses a couple of Rugged Tablet PC with bar code scannerbuttons and compares the data.  He goes into the store manager's office, shuts the door and explains that they might have a problem with pilfering in the store.  The amount that was sold and the existing inventory simply don't add up.  In Washington D.C., an employee of an auto-parts store chain scans his shelves and the data automatically links to the main warehouse and orders parts to replace those that have already sold.

What is the connection between these business?  They're all using Rugged Table PCs to exchange real-time data while out in the field.  In many industries it's critical to the ongoing business that data is fresh and can be compared as quickly as possible.  And the faster the data can be accessed and exchanged, the more efficiently the business can be run.

In many cases, potential problems can be identified quickly and solved within a matter of minutes.  For example, if there's an inventory discrepancy live-time comparison can save the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars in loss of product.  In the case of the auto-parts store, the savings in time spend inventorying the item, comparing the shelf-life, and ordering the parts is tremendous.  By utilizing a rugged tablet PC, the time the employ spends is cut significantly and the data automatically orders their parts in a timely manner, thereby keeping their shelves stocked and their customers happy. 

Rugged Tablet PC for AgricultureFor the dairyman, live data collected in the field is often critical for the agriculture industry, especially in the smaller dairies throughout the country.  Dairyman are able to scan the ear-tags of their cows and instantly access the entire history of the cow -- including health histories, heat cycles, milk production, and they can even identify potential problems prior to them emerging.  Since there is such a slim margin of profit currently, the potential in the dairy industry for a mistake can be extremely costly.  By using real-time data, the dairy owner can reduce employee costs as well as keep his herd healthier and his dairy overall more profitable.

Some business owners, while seeing the potential of integrating real-time data into their business, are concerned about the upfront costs, and, while there are those costs, in equipment, hardware, training and setup, upon analyzing the benefits of using a rugged tablet PC in business along with real-time mobility in a field situation, many businesses are switching to the real-time solution.  After their system has been setup, they're amazed that their levels of customer satisfaction have risen significantly, while they're able to analyze the areas that they can cut back on and eliminate wasteful practices.

The additional benefits of utilizing a rugged tablet PC in their business is also significant.  The flexibility of the tablet PC Windows 7 Operating System, it's tough ability to withstand harsh treatment and conditions, along with the options have proven that integrating the rugged tablet PC and a real-time live data software package can substantially improve the way a company does business in their customer service approval ratings while cutting overall costs and increasing employee productivity.

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