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Maintaining a Sustainable Supply Chain with Rugged Tablet PC

Every executive knows how challenging it can be to have large numbers ofRugged Tablet PC employees out in the field every day. Whether they're delivering your product or selling your services, those employees are the lifeblood of your organization and it is critical to stay connected to them. Those on the IT side of the business know how to keep mobile workers connected, but managing the devices and keeping them up and running in the field continues to be a challenge. That’s why more and more companies are choosing to equip their mobile workforces with rugged tablets. As a result, these powerful and multi-functional mobile desktops are cutting IT management and maintenance costs and transforming the way the world does business.

Rugged Tablet PCDesigned for those who need access to desktop business and vertical market applications out in the field, rugged tablets are ideal for industries ranging from public safety to agriculture to beverage distribution and transportation. Field reps works hard, and they need technology that will keep up with them and stand up to the jobs they do to help them increase productivity and efficiency.

Rugged Tablet PCs allow mobile workers to communicate in real-time to others in the field and to the home office. Some of the benefits of rugged tablets include:

  1. Improve mobile worker efficiency and productivity - forms, spreadsheets and more can easily be input and submitted  in the field
  2. Maximize mobile worker's time - tasks are completed at the point of interaction rather than reconciled at the end of the day
  3. Mobile desktop – full Windows OS and Intel processing power allows field workers to run data and graphic intensive vertical applications and access email, the internet and other Microsoft tools.
  4. Flexible input options - design the forms you want so you can get the information you need
  5. Flexible port options - connect the tools you need to your ultimate rugged tablet computer
  6. Mounts and cradles for every application - accessories for any application
  7. Real-world rugged - tough jobs require tough tablets. Rugged tablets can stand up to real-world challenges and won't have you constantly replacing technology or having to rely on IT for support
  8. Ownership cost of rugged devices - lower total cost with faster development and deployment time, less management and maintenance cost.

Thousands of applications built on the open Windows platform are available for rugged tablets meeting the diverse needs of many industries. Examples of rugged tablet applications include:

  • Agriculture - From tracking animal veterinary care to managing breeding and feeding schedules, a rugged tablet can help you streamline operations and increase productivity.
  • Hospitality - Extremely mobile, rugged, and wireless-enabled, the MobileDemand xTablet with the credit card reader, integrated numeric keypad, and barcode scanner offers an ideal solution for a variety of hospitality applications.
  • Public Sector - Increasingly, state and federal governments and the military have adopted commercially available data collection systems to track equipment and speed deployment of assets. They also use those systems for border and national security.
  • Retail - It’s all about giving the customers what they want when they want it. Keeping the right products flowing from the manufacturer to the distributor to the stock room and finally to the consumer is critical to customer satisfaction. Tracking that journey is equally important.
  • Transportation & Logistics - If your goal is to move goods from one destination to another, real-time, accurate data is vital to increasing productivity and minimizing costs. As a full screen computer with the industry’s highest processor performance, xTablet rugged tablet gives you the ability to operate the tablet virtually anywhere. This gives you access to information throughout the supply chain.

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