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RuggedPCReview.com's Full Review of the xTablet C1200

Rugged Convertible Tablet PCJust this morning, RuggedPCReview.com released their full review of the MobileDemand xTablet C1200 Rugged Convertible Tablet. RuggedPCReview.com is a leading information source for anything related to rugged computing, as well as for the most detailed product reviews in the industry. RuggedPCReview.com is brought to you by the principal editors of Pen Computing Magazine and associated professionals. In the report, they analyze every aspect of the C1200 Tablet PC and discuss its deployment potential.

Here are a few excerpts from the in-depth review:

"You have the best of both worlds - a tablet when you need it and a regular laptop computer when that form factor is more suitable for a task."

"Overall verdict for the C1200 display: excellent in every respect."

"The C1200 provides an impressive degree of performance, build quality and functionality, and the screen is simply terrific."

To read the entire product review from RuggedPCReview.com, click here.


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