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Seize the Mobile Enterprise Opportunity with Tablet PCs

As far back as the early 90's, some industries started equipping workers with reinforced laptops for field use, but the technology had not yet matured enough to gain widespread acceptance. Since that time, IT advances have transformed the way companies do businesses. CRM systems place rich customer data in the hands of sales and service representatives. Inventory management, HR tools, knowledge management systems and more have driven huge business efficiencies. Equally significant, the Internet itself makes basic research so simple that ignorance of easily accessed information is neither necessary nor excusable in many business settings.

Yet mobile computing adoption for field workers has lagged significantly behind that of office-based systems in spite of the clear advantages of equipping mobile workers with the same technology as their in-house colleagues. The primary reason has been the limitations of mobile devices themselves.

Rugged Tablet PC for Mobile EnterpriseFull-featured rugged tablet PCs running the full Windows OS are the game changer many industries have been waiting for. Some of these tablets are like mobile desktops offering the power and functionality that mobile workers need at the point of interaction. Field sales and service technicians no longer need to convert documents or learn a separate set of applications for their mobile device. Flexible input and port options along with mounts and cradles that support a broad range of applications mean these devices are ready to deploy in sophisticated solutions. 

Built-in barcode and RFID scanners allow businesses to track and control inventory in the field as easily as in the warehouse. Outside sales and service employees can answer product questions and process orders with a credit card swipe.  Built-in video and telecommunications capabilities make it possible to collaborate with remote team members anytime, anywhere.

The "rugged" aspect of rugged tablet PCs means the devices hold up to the rigors of daily mobile use. The total cost of ownership of a rugged tablet PC is far less than its non-rugged counterpart. This is due both to the greater durability of the devices as well as to less obvious efficiencies such as avoiding the lost productivity and IT costs associated with device failure.

Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationThe face of the mobile workforce is changing as technology increasingly knits remote employees into a seamless team. Rugged tablet PCs are easier to manage in a dispersed workforce in part because they run the full MicrosoftWindows operating system. This makes it easier for IT to administer and maintain the systems and allows them to mirror the office setup. In addition, the cost advantage of a more durable device increases dramatically when the tablet and the repair facility are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. 

The barriers to maintaining a highly productive mobile workforce continue to diminish. Rugged tablet PCs are poised to play an important role in helping companies realize greater benefits from their mobile workers by reducing the overall cost and complexity of mobile computing.


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