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Trucking: Are You Ready for the Cell Phone Ban?

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced a final rule that specifically prohibits interstate truck drivers from using hand-held cell phones while operating their motor vehicles. This move by the government is in an effort to end distracted driving. The law goes in to effect on January 3rd, 2012 and drivers are to face stiff federal penalties if caught using their cell phones while their truck is in motion.

Cell phones are currently widely used in the transportation industry as a way for fleet managers to stay in constant contact with their drivers. Whether it’s calling drivers to give them a traffic or weather update or to check on their location and status of the delivery among other things, it’s vital for a trucking company to stay in contact with drivers to ensure a safe, efficient and successful delivery.

Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationFor a safer and more comprehensive alternative to cell phones, many private fleet, LTL and long-haul, and 3rd-party logistics companies are deploying rugged tablet PC solutions in the cab. Rugged Tablets allow companies to communicate with your drivers at all times. The products are 100 percent compliant and feature a locking mount to ensure drivers obey the hands-free law. Features such as GPS, wireless connectivity, bar code scanning, color camera, mag-stripe reader and much more, and the functionality of the full Windows tablet PCs allow drivers to be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

Rugged Tablet PC for TransportationA Rugged Tablet PC system is ideal as an onboard computing platform as well as a portable computer for pick-up and delivery. As an onboard computer the Tablet PC can be used to collect electronic log and engine data, provide geo-fencing and allow drivers to stay connected with the home office.

The Rugged Tablet PC can also be undocked from the cab and used to perform vehicle and trailer inspections to ensure driver safety and compliance. In addition, the Tablet PC can be used to expedite pick-up and delivery. When a driver arrives at a customer location, they simply take the tablet in with them. They can scan bar codes on documents, cases and pallets; use the color camera to record any damage, access customer historical data, change orders and capture signatures for proof of delivery right at the point of interaction.

Click here to view our case study on how PeopleNet has successfully deployed thousands of tablet computers to transportation companies across the country.


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