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Rugged Tablet PCs Ideal for the Battlefield

Rugged Tablet PC for Military and Defense

**MobileDemand xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs are available on GSA schedules.

Continually committed to improving situational awareness, response time and mission effectiveness through a robust network of information sharing between soldiers, units, commanders and command stations, the Department of Defense uses cutting-edge tools like rugged tablet PCs to ensure that soldiers, commanders and command centers are in constant communication.

Because ruggedized tablets can withstand the harshest of conditions, unforeseen weather changes and rough user handling required by soldiers in a combat zone, they’re a cost-effective way to enhance a wide range of battlefield functions, including:

  • Combat communication: The latest rugged tablets are lightweight, small and robust enough to be strapped to a soldier’s chest, enabling them to communicate with other unit members, exchange critically secure data and update their locations (via radio frequency technology) on a real-time basis. In addition, some of these sturdy computers offer easy, one-hand operation.
  • Situational Awareness: Today’s rugged PCs can be outfitted with cameras and graphic locator software, which provide soldiers with photos and maps of their surroundings. This technology allows them to view everything—from battle terrain to enemy encampments—quickly and safely.    
  • Combat Medical Care: Ruggedized PCs are an efficient way to manage and update medical histories and casualty records for soldiers who are injured, receiving care or killed in the line of duty. Using integrated, DOD-approved software, these rugged devices can ensure that medics and hospitals get the information they need to update command centers and arrange for emergency response treatment. 
  • Terrorist Interrogation: To assist with terrorist identification and interrogation, rugged tablet PCs can be outfitted with special hard-drive encryption and video cameras. When integrated with DOD programs like the Biometric Automated Toolset (BATS), these robust computers can assist soldiers with suspect information capture, background checks and fingerprint analysis. Through remote connectivity solutions, they also provide armed forces with access to terrorist databases and interrogation specifics they wouldn’t otherwise have in the field.   

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