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Field Service Evolves Through Rugged Tablet PCs & Automation

The field service industry has outgrown manual and paper-based processes in its never-ending quest to improve efficiency and productivity. Numerous companies today understand the connection between automation, performance and profitability and have automated their dispatch, inventory management, paperwork and other operations with mobile devices.

Rugged Tablet PC for Field ServiceAutomated dispatch systems or service order management systems improve workload management and enable better staffing. Automated service order routing and assignment, along with enhanced internal policy and process changes, reduce the number of field trips, fuel costs and drive time. And mobile computer integration with customer information systems provides the service technician with real-time information in the field. Why are the mobile computers so important? They provide the following benefits:

  1. Access to configuration information and service history so the service technician can see if parts are available for improved first-time fix rates. The Aberdeen Group reported a 23 percent improvement in first-time-fix rates after implementing a technology solution.
  2. Easy-to-use forms, automated data entry and bar code scanners that reduce data entry errors and improve worker productivity.
  3. Improved service response time and SLA compliance. Aberdeen Consulting also found that companies who automated their field service improved their SLA compliance by 22.1 percent.
  4. Better inventory management by ensuring parts and materials are on hand as they are accurately when they are used in the field.
  5. Service calls are completed faster so oftentimes an additional revenue-generating stop per day can be added.
  6. Faster cash flow. On-site invoices cut days from the billing cycle and credit card collection is even quicker.

Contact MobileDemand to see how the xTablet series of full-screen rugged tablet PCs can help you lower your operating costs and improve worker productivity while increasing SLA compliance and overall customer satisfaction.


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